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Community – rising up together


Community – rising up together

My day yesterday was bookended with Chamber of Commerce and Business Association meetings – all now virtual of course – and I was struck by some of the stories I heard of community pulling together.

  • Times are definitely tough but there is a feeling of a return to local grassroots community as a way to help each other survive – one meeting was as well attended as the previous off-line version with 36 attendees!
  • We are now looking at a combination of online capacity and communication with very local delivery and fulfillment capability. Businesses are getting online in whichever form they can but now MUST lead their customers through a new experience  and show that they still have small business heart and personality (video and product highlights through social media and email are great tools).
  • I’m noticing an uptick in recommendations and communications between businesses on local social networks. And businesses who are posting frequently on social media are gaining traction – keeping up the communications is key!

All of these are great positive steps for businesses to take right now and will help work towards surviving the current situation.

In practical terms, I have set a challenge for the week below – finding yourself a business buddy and becoming stronger together!

This Week: Finding yourself a business buddy….

We’re all in this together … and stronger together. This week try to look for a “buddy business” that you can make an offer or communication with. Here are a few ideas I suggested to businesses or heard about this week:

  • Wellness providers working on a “Survival Workshop” with different modalities featured
  • Business services offering a one-stop online event which looks at finance, taxes, planning etc
  • Online Shopping Event for Mother’s Day
  • Virtual “First Friday” with art, book readings and a featured wine/appetizer combination that can be picked up in advance.
  • Brewery and restaurant offering a beer tasting and appetizer pick-up package for a virtual tasting event.
  • Businesses banding together to offer delivery at the same time for convenience and upsell.

How can you make a great offer or communication with a business buddy this week?

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