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How do we focus right now?

Just over 2 weeks ago my son and I managed to catch one of the last unrestricted flights back to Colorado from the UK. Being packed into the airport immigration lines felt strange and a little worrisome even though social distancing was not yet mandated. We put ourselves in a voluntary quarantine on arrival home, which then led directly into the overall Stay At Home order…. and now here we all are.

This can definitely feel overwhelming and I have been thinking a lot about how small businesses can keep focus and ride out the storm.
Here is what I have been focusing on in my day:

Structuring the day – we all have things pulling us un multiple directions right now. Personally, I am scheduling my son’s schooling around the times of day when I do my best creative work – so I don’t have to think about fractions at the same time as writing creative copy.🤯

Taking a look at short term and long term plans –  2020 plans are being totally rewritten – and will need to be nimble to focus on short term needs as well as maintaining sight of the longer term.

Connection – reaching out to customers, business contacts, friends and family is more crucial than ever. I have had years of practice using FaceTime to communicate with my family in England. And I can’t tell you how grateful I am for technology to keep these connections going! It really is a game changer, not just for business but for keeping us connected in a way that is really powerful.

For my own business, I have been trying to think how I might best be able to help the small businesses who I work with. I know that many people will not want to run large scale marketing activities and plans right now – too much is changing. But I know that we all need a plan for how to “pivot” our marketing to get through this situation. And that is why I am offering a new service at a greatly reduced fee.

The Marketing Pivot Session will be a 2 hour marketing workshopping session via Zoom where I will work directly and specifically with you on your business to draw up a plan to adapt your marketing to the current situation and to set you up for success later. We can brainstorm activities, wording, messages. and the right ways for you to communicate right now.
I am offering these sessions for $99 in April – please reach out if you would like to schedule.

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