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Are You Creative?

I’ve been thinking a lot about creativity this week


I talked to a woman whose whole business is being creative. But she needs to get creative with how to market it. I also talked to a consultant who knows how to implement great projects – but not how to inspire people through his communications.


Then, I had a bit of a creative eureka moment the other day. It was while I was whisking the eggs for breakfast. A fantastic idea just popped right into my head for no reason whatsoever. It was actually the answer to a question I have been thinking about for a long time – looks as though it was just biding its time to reveal itself to me!


I quickly pulled a postcard out of the kitchen drawer and scribbled that stuff down!


I also listened to a Jay Shetty meditation about focus, and he talked about literally removing visual obstacles and distractions when you want to focus on one thing, That’s when I realized that this is what I do when I do one of my “sitting on the living room floor” creative sessions, and why it is so successful.


The thing is – we all need this creativity, no matter what kind of business you are involved in.


So here are my tips for upping your creativity and ideas-generation:


  1. Be ready when the ideas strike. Don’t wait – write them down because you’ll forget them. Writing them down makes things clearer and helps you remember better
  2. Schedule space for creativity. It can be hard to force creativity but it certainly isn’t always going to come and tap you on the shoulder. Making a space in your calendar to sit with the idea of getting creative can allow the ideas to start flowing, And if you need help getting started then……
  3. …..Change your view. Maybe you are used to getting creative at your desk, but I find that changing my situation can give me the space I need for my brain to start working differently. This is what sitting down on the living room floor does for me. I have all my paper and pens and sometimes the cat comes and helps. I also lie down and stare at the ceiling sometimes. But I don’t have my computer or phone distracting me.


Maybe an hour or two in a coffeeshop could do the same for you. Or walking out in nature and speaking thoughts into the voice recorder app on your phone – or talk to text. The important thing is to take yourself out of the usual situation.


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