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How I Scare My Clients

Start Using Video!

Did that statement give you a feeling of cold dread?


When I talk to clients about the number one way to improve their engagement on social media – as well as show their business in a positive light on websites and other platforms, the fear factor gets very real very quickly!


But video is the way forward:

  • Social media platforms reward video content – significantly
  • Video ups your authenticity score – and todays marketing is all about authenticity.


Here’s the way to conquer the fear:

  • This is the biggie – It doesn’t have to feature your face or your voice. Totally great if it does, but if you are not feeling brave enough, just film your product, or your location, or anything related to your business or service. It just has to be in video format – try thinking how you could make a video post that you would usually do as a photo post. Try it and see how your followers and engagement go up….
  • It doesn’t have to be professional-level video. Just use your phone, Just keep filming little snippets all the time. You can stitch them together into a reel or keep them in your back pocket for when inspiration strikes. Unpolished builds your authenticity.


Do you use video for your social media (or elsewhere)? How about trying to make a little video this week? Let me know how it goes!

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