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Just One Thing…

People think that marketing is about being super creative and brainstorming all the great ideas – and it certainly is – but there’s a little more to it than that,


The fact is that a lot of success in marketing is just setting some hard priorities and going after them consistently. It’s not glamorous, it’s setting a plan that works, and a system that allows you to implement time and again.


It can mean NOT changing things. I have worked with more than one business where I had to persuade someone that changing the look of their newsletters etc each time because they were “bored” with the original colors was not going to work for their business.


And so, a question I ask again and again is what’s the one thing that’s going to make the difference. And then do it. There will be other things you have to do, but keep that one thing top of mind and top of the priority list – monthly, weekly, daily, For me especially daily. The top priority must be done – even if the rest of my day crumbles away.


So how do you like to prioritize?

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