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Your Marketing Plan is Like a Cake

A few weeks ago I was asked in a meeting …


How often should I be changing my marketing plan?


This is a great question. To work strategically towards a goal for your business means that you should not be changing things on a whim and running in many directions. However, there will always be tactical opportunities that you should embrace. We have to add in the fact that at this stage of the pandemic (whatever the heck it is) many businesses are still feeling their way through things and trying to see what patterns exist or do not.


So here’s my take.


Your marketing plan is like your favorite basic cake recipe.


You need a good basic recipe that is going to work – it will rise, cook well and generally be tasty and successful.

This is your overall strategic plan.


Then you may have seasonal things you add – like frosting in different flavors. Those would be your more tactical moves that respond to seasonal or campaign-related circumstances.


Then perhaps you might throw some decorations on like sprinkles* – like where you see a real opportunity for something quick or necessary in your marketing.


So … overall although your tactics and some campaigns will change (frosting and sprinkles), you overall cake should be the same.


But most of us need to check the cake recipe periodically (unless you have the recipe completely committed to memory – in which case you’re a better cake baker than I am.)


Same with the marketing plan – you need to review it regularly – and just check that that basic recipe is still working for you. July is a good time to see that it is still looking relevant for the rest of 2022.


That’s why I always help my clients set up a one page marketing plan. Get all of the relevant pieces onto 1 page. It’s easy to check on to guide your actions, and it’s easy to review.


Don’t make your marketing plan something that was done once and then consigned to a dusty drawer.


So have you checked your plan for the second half of the year?


(*cake sprinkles are called hundreds and thousands in the UK. I confused people with that one 😊)

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