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Worried about what the competition is up to?

Listen … we all like to keep a little eye on what the competition is up to, right?


In fact, one of the things we do when making a business or marketing plan is to look at the competitive landscape. This is important because:


  • It can highlight where you have an advantage or an opportunity that is not being taken by someone else
  • It can keep you from getting complacent and make sure that your customers are not drifting elsewhere without you even realizing.


But remember that you have to fly your own flag. A competitive strategy is not to be “like them but better” ….

A lot of that comes down to building the values that your business truly represents and making sure that you are communicating them consistently all of the time.


We are hand made.

We are community driven.

We are your dog’s favorite place.

Or whatever place you occupy in your ideal customer’s heart.


Don’t forget it,


There will always be competition. You just have to make sure that your customer understands your value, your story and what you can offer to them.


Can you identify exactly what makes you different from the competition? Why should someone choose your product or service?

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