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What’s Your Brand?

What’s your brand?

One of the things I find very inspiring is helping businesses to really define their brand and start communicating it everywhere they go.


To be clear – I am not just talking about a logo here. Your brand should seep into everything that your business does. It should be represented every time to write an email, post on social media … anything and everything. It’s not just a look and feel ( although that is part of it – and helps people clearly recognize you) – it is as much a feeling and an attitude.


The wonderful thing about having a clear idea of what your brand is is that it also saves you time and helps you make decisions! When you are clear about what you represent, it suddenly becomes easier to know what to talk about, which marketing tools to choose and how to talk to your customers.


You don’t need to be a “big business” or have a huge budget to be a brand. Small businesses are strong brands too! And the clearer they are about it, the more success it will bring them.


I looooove brainstorming and helping small businesses define their brand so that they can move forward to growth and success. When it clicks it is like magic!

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