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Being Yourself

Being yourself

A lot of marketing types talk about “brand values.”

Looking at it one way, that’s a fancy way of saying that you and your brand should just … be yourself.


Let me explain.


When you’re putting your marketing plan together you need to think long and hard about¬†what you represent. What your true “product” is (and your “product” may be a service or even a concept.)


Getting this element of authenticity is important, because, like with all of our personal idiosyncrasies, you can waste an awful lot of time trying to be someone you are not … and wouldn’t it be great to connect with people who appreciate you for who you really are?


Think about things like ….

formal or casual

super-modern or classic

concepts like trust, treat, service, occasion …


Then think about the customers you’ve been targeting … do those customers appreciate the values you hold? Or are they looking for something else?


This one can be tough. You may find that you’re trying to market to a group who do NOT appreciate your values. The solution – you either have to find the people who do, or tweak your values, (or the part of your values you are emphasizing.) If it’s a total mismatch then some serious changes will need to be made!


So my question to you is … do you have a list of values that you feel represent your business? Importantly, does this list of values look like a list that your ideal customer will appreciate? If so you’ve got the makings of magic…


Social media is one space where it’s important to show people all about you and your business, and the people involved.


Don’t be afraid to show your face – people want to see who is behind the business.


And for extra extra bonus points show up on video. It doesn’t to be a super professionally polished movie, Just get out there and let video show your contacts the realities of you and your business and get to know you!


I have to admit – I don’t always love doing this myself! But remember, you can also have video that just has your voice and not your face – or video of places and events. But video is social media’s darling right now so don’t ignore it!

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