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Getting Creative

How do you get yourself into creative mode?

When I work with business owners sometimes one of the real challenges is getting out of the mindset of the day-to-day of the business and to get some space to really be able to make sense of stuff, and plan.
Here’s how I manage getting into the creative zone (as my bread and butter is getting the ideas flowing as often as possible).
  1. Know your times. I know I won’t do my best creative work at 2pm. That’s probably a better time for me to return calls or emails, or do other admin tasks. I look at my calendar and schedule blocks of creative time. Usually first thing in the morning when the words and ideas flow more easily.
  2. Get out of the usual routine. Sometimes the familiar can be a distraction. If you have some really big ideas to grapple with you could book time away from your business. That could be a weekend retreat – or it could simply be working from a coffeehouse that’s not your usual (so you won’t bump into people you know)! Personally, I sometimes just move out of my home office and sit on the floor in the living room with paper and pens and just scribble. Because a different perspective brings ….. well …. a different perspective………..
  3. Give yourself some prompts/themes, and throw different ideas down. Edit later – just write down all that stuff that’s lurking in your brain. Take lying down and staring/daydreaming breaks if you need to. Just decouple your brain from the ordinary.

If you’d like some inspiration for your 2022 Marketing Plan let’s chat about my Marketing Services. Or if you prefer to DIY I highly recommend completing my free Marketing Scorecard to kick start your plans. You can download it, and an accompanying explainer video here.

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