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Getting Started

Now that January is in full swing I hope things are going well for you and your business.


Over the next few weeks I wanted share quick tips that will prompt you to review what you might be planning for marketing (or maybe give you a little nudge just in case you don’t have your plan set up yet).


The aim? At the end you’ll have a post-it version of a plan that can guide you in what you want to build and communicate this year. Easy breezy and not too taxing.


This week – 3 Cs to consider about your CUSTOMER.


  1. Complacency is a killer You may think you know exactly who your customer or client is and what their preferences are, but it’s always good to review how things were last year and see if that ideal person has changed in some way. Is your business talking more to a new type of person. Do you want to change the type of client you work with? And that brings me to our second point …..
  2. Change change change. Even if you are talking to exactly the same type of customer as last year, chances are that they have changed, even if in subtle ways. How has the ongoing pandemic affected them? What choices do they want now? How can you help them? Take time to reflect on how that may change how you communicate with them, and what you talk about.
  3. Choosing wisely. Many businesses still make the mistake of trying to target many different types of people thinking that they are all potential customers. While it may be true that you have different types of customers, there will be a profile which is the majority amongst them – and that is the person you should be thinking about whenever you create a marketing action. Targeting everyone ends up attracting no-one. Get clear on who that ideal person is and keep them front and center of your communications,


Scribble down your thoughts on your customer, and I’ll send you a new marketing plan prompt next time….

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