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Who are You?

Can you define exactly what you stand for?


One thing that I talk to clients about often is defining exactly who they are in a way that is meaningful to their customer.


Nowhere is this more important than in your bio if you are the face of your business, or your “About” info on your website.


Bio creation is something I enjoy working on for clients, as finding the right words can make a big difference to how you are perceived. A few weeks ago I helped real estate agent Regan Sample when he was setting up his sponsorship of the Longmont Parkbench website.


Regan is posting so much great content, including some fabulous videos showing things Longmont cares about. Creating that bio which expresses authority but also his love for community and family was crucial for this medium. You can check out Regan’s ParkBench presence¬†here.


Here are my top tips for your bio or “about” page copy creation:


  • Even if you are writing about you, this is NOT about you, it’s about your customer
  • Does your info express things that are important to you customer? For everything you write, think “why does my customer care about this”?
  • Does your info show that you are a human and not just a faceless business – does it express understanding and grow trust with your reader?
  • Does your info fit with your “brand”?


If you’d like help with this sort of bio or copy creation contact me to discuss!

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