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Staring down the end of 2020
Less than 100 days to go…

It seems to be true that 2020 is a year that most of us can’t wait to see the back of …. However –  at the same time – how can it be getting into Autumn and Winter already?

As a parent of a tween, I have said for the last few years that basically once the Hallowe’en fun starts, it seems as though the year is pretty much over – and I try to plan accordingly, knowing how the time will zip by. And despite the changes that will have to happen this year – I see no reason to doubt my usual prediction. In fact, it might well go by faster.

So here’s what I am doing to try to counter this – and what am I advising my clients and community about…

⚡️ Getting systems in place NOW to make sure I can finish the year strong.

⚡️Marketing-wise – having a plan in place (Plan A) but also trying to have a Plan B and maybe even Plan C depending on what might happen with public health restrictions (as I write this, Boulder County, where I live, is teetering on the brink of increased restrictions due to a rise in cases in the University population)

⚡️Reviewing what the holiday period looks like for specific businesses – for some it is a key sales period, for others it may be a quieter time as people focus on other things. How can you make the most of that period to keep up momentum for your business?

⚡️On a personal note, how can we all try to experience this season which may have more of the stressors, and fewer of the obvious joys of previous holiday seasons? Time to look at what this season can mean to you in a more fundamental way.

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