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Do you have a system?

Making marketing easier using systems
What’s your system?

I’ll be honest – today is the first day in at least a week that I have been able to work properly. Somehow, I managed to come down with a virus. No, not THAT virus – but one that reminded me that it’s tough to be a business owner who is involved in almost everything my business does, on the days when you just can’t work.

But I was grateful to have certain processes in place that meant my business could be resilient during this blip:

  • Client schedules were mapped out. Yes, I had to push a couple of deadlines back but today I knew right where to jump in and can just adjust my project tracking system to account for the changes.
  • Social media was planned out. I don’t plan out all of my social media in advance, but I do have some posts created in advance and scheduled, and I have a couple of topics up my sleeve just so that I can make a quick post in a pinch – when inspiration is not there or the time is not available. I really like to have a combination of scheduled and off-the-cuff posts for just this reason.
  • My newest client got set up for the online portion of my new program. While I was laid up, they were getting started on the presentations and worksheets that I had set up for them and now all we need to is to set the date for the first 1 to 1 workshop session when I will be back to my usual self.

This all made me think how systems can save us from having to navigate the unexpected differently every time.
All businesses have systems but your marketing needs it too. I’m getting ready to send out the details of my Marketing Navigation System program, and my hope is that it is going to help businesses to get just that system set up. You know where to focus and where not to focus. You choose your tools and you get behind them in a way that is consistent and achievable. If things change, then you adapt the system, you don’t need to throw everything out.

I’m looking forward to sharing more details next time.

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