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Local action, giant impact

Time to act local

What if we all decided to do our holiday shopping within 5 miles of our homes?

It’s a curse of the world I work in that we start to think about holiday shopping campaigns and activities waaaay earlier than a lot of people think is healthy. When there are promotions to be organized, events to be planned and messages to be written, these thoughts have to happen a long time in advance.

But here’s something I think we can all do right now.

I want to encourage you to think about your gift purchases early this year. Let’s decide to source our gifts from within 5 miles of our homes if possible. Today we all need to think about supporting our communities and making our dollars count for things that we believe in.

By taking a little time and thought we can find those independent retailers, those local restaurants or service providers like massage therapists who have gift certificates on offer. These are the folks who need our help to survive through Winter and keep our communities vibrant and fun.

I hope you’ll join me!

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