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New Power & Purpose

New Power & Purpose
So today is finally the day of my new brand name and relaunch. Over the past months the name I knew I should get behind has started to crystallize in my mind.

Power & Purpose are words that resonate for me now throughout every aspect of my life. They prompt questions I ask myself every day when I am working and in my personal life:

Do my actions fit with my power and purpose?
Are my words and actions authentic? Do they suit me?
Am I playing to my strengths?
When I am working with small businesses I believe passionately that having this kind of authenticity to power and purpose is what will help them drive success through the times we find ourselves in … and beyond.

Connection, collaboration and community
(or who’s the burger to your fries)?

It’s funny how similar themes just keep coming up and presenting themselves … Through discussions with small businesses in the last fortnight I keep seeing great success stories for businesses who are working together.

It’s something that I have been talking about since we all had to start “pivoting” our businesses. And I’m seeing proof that those who embrace this are gaining traction and attention.

Finding a ‘business buddy” and making offers together gives people a chance to feel good about supporting a group of businesses, local activities or non-profits. If you don’t have a collaboration right now – try to think about how you could work with a another business to offer something which people will respond to.

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