ANnounce program

When I talk to businesses, they often know what they want to achieve with their regular communications with customers and contacts.

It’s great to be consistently informing and building relationships through email news and blog posts or articles. But often, getting a great monthly e newsletter and blogs/articles going CONSISTENTLY is just beyond a small business’s capabilities.

We hear you. All too often we can get side-tracked by wanting to get it “perfect” or we just can’t get to a regular consistent schedule because of all of the other demands on a business owner’s time. Next month … we think …. when I am less busy. But that day doesn’t seem to come.

The good news – this is our bread and butter.

And that is why we founded the Announce Program

A- article

N – newsletter

Announcing all the great things that your customer should be hearing from you.

Two great things that when done well, can propel your customer relationships and loyalty sky-high over time.

We create great looking email newsletters that speak in your voice, look professional and modern, and educate, inform and connect with your customer on a deeper level.  We write thoughtful and readable blog posts and articles that show your expertise in a way that your reader can understand and value.

But this is not a “standard template” piece that you will see every other business in your field using. This is TAILORED to your business.

For that reason, we are offering this service to only 10 local clients in individual industry niches. Once an industry niche is taken, we won’t write for someone else with the same specialization. We want you to know that you have something unique, not a “cut and paste” solution that screams inauthenticity to your reader and makes them hit the delete button.

The ANnounce Program gives you a year of tailored e newsletter and articles, delivered monthly. We’ll work with you to make your voice shine through the copy and create interest for your customers and contacts.

Until Dec 1st we are offering Announce at a special rate of $399 per month (plus $100 set up cost) for up to 10 new clients.

Ready to amp up your email marketing efforts?